South Anna House – Kitchen Design Process


The goal was a beautiful kitchen.


A place that felt fresh and happy. White with pale sea blue.

A vision of kids doing their homework at the counter while Mom prepared a nice dinner.

A spot for friends and family to perch and connect with the living room activities.




The client hired me just in time.


The third revision of the plans had come back from the draftsman but the kitchen layout just did not feel “right” to my client.

She could not put her finger on it but she knew she did not want to spend all this money on a house and have the kitchen turn out badly.


It was a galley layout with little counter space.



Original Layout:




I pointed out that there was about 7 feet from the sink to the stove top.

Not enough space to fit an island but just enough space that it was a long walk between two major work zones.


It was time for a sketch. I find that most clients really don’t know what their floor plans “look” like.

A sketch really helps! Trust me, it is no fun to see the house go up and then realize it does not look like you thought it would.

By then it is too late or too expensive to make changes.


Sketch of Original Inefficient Layout:




New Layout:




The client adored the arch between her kitchen and dining room. That was a feature she wanted to keep.

However, this was the only dining room in the house and we decided

that an arched opening – instead of an arched walkway – would be the perfect solution.

It would allow us to have a new efficient layout for the kitchen and create a subtle

sense of formality by having a view between the two spaces but not a walking path.



Sketch of New Layout:





The client was thrilled with the new layout!


Now she could see her future kitchen and the way she would use it…and actually ENJOY it!


Here is the initial Mood Board:





See that heirloom mantle? This was from her grandfather’s house, a large beautiful piece with rustic wood and a rubbed blue finish.

She asked me if there was a way to incorporate it into the design?



I get so excited when clients have special pieces they want included.

More on the dining room fireplace in a future blog post.:)


I like to look at the house as a whole concept as far as color, texture, etc.

This is especially important for an open plan.


Mood Board for Color and Texture Concept:




Final Kitchen Photos:








Since the kitchen was in the center of the house, we added a skylight.


The new layout allowed a view from the kitchen sink into the vaulted dining room.


Oh, there is a peek of that gorgeous heirloom mantle…







Design is a process. One that is a bit of effort but worth the time and money.

Why build a custom home and not invest in the layout and design?


Why not make it the best it can be?


Need help creating your ideal floor plan and interior design plan?

Your dream home starts with the floor plan. It is not too early to hire me.


I would love to help you!

Contact me:)












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