The Story of a Paint Consultation


I believe that pretty paint colors can make a world of difference!


This couple was in the process of remodeling their master bathroom when they decided to contact me.


They needed a paint color for the new bathroom.

They also needed a paint color for the master bedroom. The current color was too “dark and depressing”.

The new bathroom was to be a black and white and gray color scheme.

However, the bedroom had new bed linens and curtains in blue and yellow. They had just been purchased and there was not an option to buy new.


As a designer, I knew we had to make these rooms “talk” to each other by connecting colors, shapes and styles.


As it was, there was a huge disconnect as far as color and therefore no “visual flow” between the two rooms.


It started with a

Mood Board:



Ask any of my clients and they will tell you how helpful a mood board is.

It helps to visualize the whole picture of colors, shapes, styles.


Before Photos:



The color of the bedroom walls before were too dark. Not cozy and almost depressing.




Keep in mind that this was a relatively simple project for me.


I basically was hired for two paint colors and paid by the hour to come up with a mood board that showed the overall finished look.

I also made suggestions on lighting and accessories.


The client did all the leg work as far as shopping and installation.

It’s not totally done but 100% better than where it started.


The bathroom turned out especially pretty!

After Photos:




How’s the “visual flow” in your home?

Do you need help connecting rooms with color?





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