South Anna House – Dining Room


It started with an antique fireplace mantle.


But not just any mantle…

it came from my client’s grandparent’s house.

This mantle was a big part of her favorite childhood memories, sitting in front of the fire in her grandparent’s house.


She sent me a photo and asked me IF we could use it somewhere.

It was stately and a wonderful patina of old pine wood and a rubbed blue, her favorite color. Honestly, I gasped when I saw it :)

How could we not use it?

I was thrilled to work this in to the plans.


Her husband wanted a stone fireplace in the living room, so we decided the antique mantle would be perfect for the dining room!

It was so exciting to have this mantle as a jumping off point for many other decisions that we would make for the surrounding areas.


The Design Process Begins:


We just needed to figure out that wall. The builder had drawn it as a more typical mantle, placed on the floor and a window way at the top.

There were also these very dated half moon windows way up in the corners…what was up with that!


This house is on acreage with a gorgeous view.

We did not need blank wall space for a picture over the mantle.


Scaling things out:


We needed a large window to frame the view.

The window view is the artwork!

The big aha moment was when I thought, why not raise the hearth?

Then the mantle could be easily viewed from the table and the kitchen…AND and we could add window seats on each side with pretty sconces!

We were on a roll!


 I didn’t mind asking…some of my ideas can be out of the box…

She wanted to make sure it would not look strange to raise the mantle up?

I told her it would be dramatic! I love a bit of drama!

I am so glad they trusted me on this one. It turned out to be a breathtaking feature!


My client cried when she saw it for the first time. Happy tears!



View from the kitchen sink pass through. Look at that skylight!



Ignore the sink stopper. Sometimes I get so excited taking photos, I forget to “prep” the shot!



I think this is a great example of how I work with clients.

I love it when my clients come to me with their ideas and I expand on them.

We work together to create something uniquely theirs!


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