For The Love of a House


We moved from Florida to Richmond, Virginia in 2008 and I was enraptured by the architecture immediately!

Richmond’s plethora of old houses seriously tugged at my heart. Lucky for me, my husband was open to the idea of renovating an old house.


I have been wanting to post about this renovation for a long time. I am so excited to share this with you!





A 1926 Dutch Colonial.

Turned out pretty cute, huh? We added shutters, window boxes, a blue door, landscaping, etc. etc.


BUT…this is what it looked like BEFORE:




It was almost scary and definitely dreary.


YES, that is a broken Dutch window up there. A custom replacement had to be made. :)


It was a LONG laborious road. We did most of the work ourselves.


READ on for the dirty details…



(Well obviously. Haha!!)



What do you mean you can’t see the charm? :)


8 layers of wall paper (many had been painted over) had to be removed.

Took 3 weeks of hand scraping. Chip, chip, chip…


That’s my hubby there, loving life! He’s the best!



When we got to this point, two weeks in, I thought we could never finish.


For a second, I entertained the idea of going with the rough wall look. Could I make it look cool and purposeful with a black leather sofa…modern art style?


The final layer revealed a note in pencil written

on the plaster by the original wall paper installer, October 29, 1930:


I am giggling writing this as the photos are so shocking still and it seems so painless now

BUT it was a TOTAL nightmare then!







Dining Room BEFORE:




Original French Doors


and MORE wallpaper to come down! That’s me, I really am happy!





Dining Room AFTER:


Bedroom BEFORE:

Broken window and some strange stain on the floor. 



Bedroom After:







Kitchen BEFORE:

Ugly Duckling! The doors were falling off.

I am guessing this kitchen would scare off most buyers?





Kitchen After:

We discovered there had been a fire many years prior.


The wood floors found under the vinyl tile could not be saved. We decided white paint was the best way to go.


I did the sanding of the drywall to save money and the painting and the tiling…my first attempt…no great but not bad!


Quartz Counter Tops, Painted Wood Floors, Cottage Feel appropriate to the age and style of the house.

SO much more storage!




What a labor of love! Looking back it was so much work but incredibly rewarding.


Thank you for reading this far! I hoped you enjoyed it and had a few chuckles!


It made me start itching to do another reno…can someone convince my husband that’s a good idea?


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