Montpelier Kitchen


I am so excited to share these photos of one of my favorite projects!

A Modern Farmhouse Kitchen!


This was a custom home.

I was fortunate to work with the architect from the very beginning on designing the floor plan and inserting details.

The client and I spent hours discussing how they would use the space, what they liked, budget, etc.

The result was a beautiful and functional home that fits them like a glove! 


I have many photos of the finished home but today I want to share the kitchen with you!



This client and I had such a blast working together!

Really, the ideal designer – client relationship. She has great taste but she KNEW she needed help to make it the best it could be.

Two heads are always better than one!




She stayed open to my ideas and when a client does this for a creative person, like me, my best work happens!

I feel inspired and ideas just start flowing. I become a bit obsessed…hence the name Nest Obsessed!




On the other side of stove wall, there is a lovely screened porch.

I drew up details to add these little slider windows above the counter top.

Perfect for the cook to hear conversation while inside and also for passing a cold drink!



Pretty takes work!! That is where I come in.:)

I am the “communication bridge” (by using photos, sketches and detailed drawings) between your builder and the subcontractors. 

Looks like it would be easy….

but making these windows happen took about 10 back and forth emails and sketches with the builder and kitchen designer.

And also multiple conversations and sketches with the stone installers. 

The weak might have thrown in the towel, but not me! We wanted those windows!




The client and I PINNED tons of photos for kitchen design details.

There were many options for colors of cabinets, stone, layout of space, etc. but we sifted through all of them together.

I went to the cabinet design meetings with her to help with all of these details.

Narrowing it all down to what made the most sense for the budget as well as being functional and the look they wanted.



The above photo is of the pantry.

YES, that’s right, the pantry!! It is open to the kitchen, directly across from the sink wall.

Plenty of room for daily use and perfect for entertaining too!

Love the charm of the antique crystal chandelier we brought from their old house!



Just for fun, here is the Mood Board I did for the adjoining great room.

A vaulted space with windows to the trees and a cozy wood stove!




I hope you enjoyed this post and photos!


Let me know if you want to chat about your kitchen or custom home design.

I’d love to help!


Contact me! :)

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