Welcome! If you are reading this, I am pretty sure you dream of having a beautiful home. If you are like most people, this dream home is in your head or made up of many saved design photos from decorating magazines and the internet. Some days you feel pretty confident about all your ideas and other days, you are not so sure you can make it all work together.

You know you have good taste and good ideas.  However, when it comes down to it, you are not quite sure that if you do this by yourself, it will turn out the way you imagined.

You have a tiny bit of hesitation that if you work with an interior designer, she will take over, spend all your money and the house will not be your style at all. It could happen…but not if you work with me!  You can stop worrying, I am the one you’ve been searching for.

I am Claudia Hardy, Interior Designer and owner of Nest Obsessed. I truly enjoy helping homeowners (like you) create the dream spaces that they see in their head and bring them to life. I will listen to your wants and needs and gently guide you on choices that will make your dream home a reality, without the headaches. It is my goal to have your home design reflect your taste at its best. I have years of experience with renovations and new construction projects. Interior design is what I live for, hence the name, Nest Obsessed.

I work side by side with my clients, collaborating on ideas.  

It’s a team effort. It’s sort of like having your best friend help you decorate but WAY better.     


A little more about me: I have a Bachelors Degree in Interior Design. Interior design is what I love to do, even in my time off. Pinterest, design magazines, design blogs, these are my addictions. (This probably drives my husband a bit crazy.) I have two adorable, very fluffy cats. I love to cook and eat healthy food, but I also love not so healthy traditional southern fare, like ham biscuits and BBQ. Oh, and I will never be too full for ice cream.


Interior Design is like putting together an exciting puzzle. With a plan in place, we can confidently put all the pieces (decisions) together to create a beautiful result.



If you are ready to make a plan, start feeling confident in your design decisions,

 and enjoy the process, then Contact me. Together, we will create a home that you, your family and friends will LOVE.







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