Design Consultation for Selling Your Home


Planning on putting your house up for sale soon?


This consultation is the perfect jump start

for preparing your home to put on the market!




What this is not:


This is not a “full staging service” – I don’t supply or rent furniture and accessories. *

 I don’t actually move the furniture :) – BUT I will give you advise on ideal furniture placement for each room to make the room seem larger and more appealing.

* (I will make suggestions for you to use what you already own and if needed give you sources for where to get new updated details, like light fixtures, faucets, etc)

This is for the person who wants a jump start and honest input.

You are the ideal client if you are ready to do the work to get your house ready for sale,

you just need a priority check list of what to do!




My value:


I bring my years of interior design experience and advise to help you make your house the best it can be. 

I have the advantage of working with clients who are building custom homes or renovating right now,

and therefore I know what you are up against as far as competition.

The goal is for your house to be so appealing that no one would want to go through the effort of building a new home or looking for another one, once they see yours!

Let’s make it easy for them to decide to buy yours instead!

Ready to get started?

I would love to help you!


Contact Me!



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