Design Process Examples



I am sure you have some good ideas for your new house but you want MORE!


If you want your house to have details that you see on Pinterest, Houzz and in Magazines, you NEED an interior designer.


I am the person who coordinates all the details and communicates

(through sketches, site visits and many emails) to the builder and project manager to make it happen.


Here are a couple of examples:

This client wanted a master shower with glass panels but a bit more privacy than standard. They also wanted to add wainscot trim to the walls for a tradition feel.

I drew a few different options and this is what we decided to do.

A sketch is worth a thousand words to a builder and is imperative for communicating design details.






There ended up being a stud in the way and we could not put the faucet on the right facing end of the tub. Had to place it on the left but it still looks great! :)





Client wanted a privacy “knee wall” between the vanity and toilet. A functional element but we wanted it to look pretty!

Let’s get technical. Bear with me…:)


I decided the knee wall must be capped with the same stone as the counter top, not the standard wood cap.

I did hear a couple of comments that this is not the way it is usually done. Well, when I hear that, I know I am usually on the right track!:)


Then I coordinated with the counter top installers to have a back splash perfectly measured so that the top of it lines up with the top of the knee wall.

Side note, standard height for a back splash is 4″.  In order to have the two elements line up on top, we had the back splash cut at 5  – 3/8″ high.

This is small detail that added on about $100.00 to the overall cost but so worth it!


NOTE: This design is not a standard detail. A builder is not really there to offer you design options.

That’s where I come in, to take your house from standard to great!






Look at that lovely knee wall and 5- 3/8″ back splash!  Yes, I get excited about a pretty knee wall!!

Now we are working on mirrors that will be framed and run from top of back splash to bottom of crown molding.


Final Photo:













Do you need help figuring out your house’s special details, communicating them and making them happen?

Email me and let’s get started!







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