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E-Design is perfect for you if:


You want an affordable design plan

You like the idea of doing some of the design “leg work” (measuring, purchasing, etc.) to save a bit of money.

You like the idea of working with me and you are not near Toledo, Ohio (where I live and work:))


For some reason, your room just doesn’t look pulled together.

Something seems off…Is there a furniture layout that would look better? What colors would be best?

What interesting furniture and details can make it pop? It could be you just need a better layout for the furniture or you need all new pieces?

I will create a design plan and shopping list for you.

Then you can shop knowing you are buying the right pieces that will fit and look great!




Room To Go – Modern Farmhouse – E-Design Package




This E-Design package is for a Modern Farmhouse Family Room.

Warm rustic wood accents with neutral shades of gray and soft whites set the stage for a warm and inviting space.

Pops of blue and texture add color and interest.

Selections that can stand up to everyday use and love! 

*Sofa is available in durable Sunbrella Fabric for everyday use!

Main Dimensions:

Sofa: 83″ Wide   x 43″ Deep   x 35″ Tall

Chair: 31.5″ Wide  x  32″ Deep  x 35″ Tall

Art: 40″ wide x 26″ tall



This package includes all the links to purchase your Modern Farmhouse Family Room

All details will be emailed to you after purchase of package

Occasionally, due to product availability, Designer may make substitutions.

It is clients responsibility to measure for all pieces

Designer takes no responsibility for quality, color, products, damage or injury

No refunds on this package



LINK to Purchase

Room To Go – Modern Farmhouse – E-Design Package







Custom E-Design Packages


E-Design Mood Boards









Living in a beautiful interior is life changing.
Imagine a room that is not only visually pleasing but is also functional and just FEELS right.
The perfect mix of new and vintage (or all new) for a look that feels comfortable and fun, yet fresh and polished.
Pulling all the details together and mixing styles is my specialty!



How it works:

If you have questions, email me :)

If you’d like to get started right now,

fill out a questionnaire to tell me about

your project (no charge) – please register HERE


Fill out the Design Questionnaire
Pick your Package
Send me payment
I start designing your room!
Typical 4 week total process but sometimes much faster:
(Time to begin a project is 2 weeks and final project should be designed within 1-2 weeks after start.)


*Please note that Bathrooms and Kitchens are not designed in E-Design Packages. Please contact me for questions.


Disclaimers / Fine Print:

Sorry, but I don’t offer refunds. However, I will do my best to make sure you are a very satisfied customer!

There is a chance I might share your mood board on my websites but I will never have any of your personal information linked to it or the product details.

There are always risks to ordering items online. Colors may be slightly off, etc. BUT,

I think the reward outweighs the risk because of the thousands of great products and pricing we have available on the web.

Please read all fine print about your product and ordering and return details, I assume no responsibility for online orders.

If at all possible, I prefer to use sources where we can return items locally or easily and for little fee.

If there are stores in your area you want to shop, let me know and we can work with their product.


I look forward to working with you!


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