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Paint Color Packages



One of the hardest things to do is choose a paint color.

It seems like it should be easy, just pick a color that looks pretty or choose something that you saw in a show house or on the internet…

But it’s just not that simple. Yes, in some respects it is easy to repaint a room if turns out badly but it takes TIME. Who has the time (and money) to waste?

Better to get it right the first time!


You must factor in the natural and artificial light and what direction the room is facing: north, south, east, west…

All of this will change a color.


How do you want the room to FEEL?

The best paint colors give you an warm and fuzzy emotional reaction when they go up on the wall.

When it is the right color it just feels perfect!

Read my blog post about one of my paint projects, here and here.

Experience helps!

I have tested and seen many paint colors go up and can guide you on the best colors for your home.


Nest Obsessed

 Basic Paint Color Consultation



Includes the following:


Step One – Color Chat:

Before the visit, we will chat on the phone or via email about color(s) you are hoping for.

I might ask you to send a few photos of the room.


Step Two – Site Visit*:


Lucky for you, I have lots of LARGE (24×30) paint boards already made up in some of the best, tried and true, current colors.

I will bring them over and we can look at them in your space and see how they look with everything else you have going on.

The lighting (natural and artificial) will play a big role in the how the color LOOKS.




Just in case none of my large paint swatches (the above photo is a just a sampling of my collection) are the right color,

(You just never know if a color is right until you see it in the room)

I will also bring my swatch books from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams.

(I have all the swatches so you don’t have to run around gathering color chips)

*Perrysburg/Toledo Ohio Area



If we decide to pick NEW colors to try, then you can either make up paint boards on your own or I can make them for you.

If you would like me to make up custom paint boards ( and then come back for a second visit to look at them with you) –

then the Complete Paint Color Package (below) is what you need:



Nest Obsessed

Deluxe Paint Color Package


Includes everything in the Basic Paint Color Consultation PLUS details below!


After the initial visit,

I come back to your home – for a second visit – with large boards made up of the 3 CUSTOM colors we picked together.


This is the best way to “see” a color.

You can carry it around to each wall and see how it changes.

I will leave the boards with you and you can look at them over the next few days.

It is fascinating to see how a color can change from morning to night!

Depending on what time of day you use the room, this will help you decide on which one is the perfect color.



(Note: Of course, these packages do not include the labor or gallons of paint needed to paint the whole room. Maybe obvious but thought it best to mention it. )



Want to look at colors for more than one room?*

Additional paint boards (in combo with Deluxe Paint Color Package) $15.00 each

(Additional board colors must be decided on in initial meeting. *Plan on 3 paint boards per room to choose the perfect color)


Are you ready to pick the perfect paint colors?

Believe me, the right color can be life-changing :)

I hope to hear from you!


Contact Me! :)














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