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If you are reading this, you probably dream of your home someday being as pretty as a picture. Your colors flow from room to room.

There is a sense of comfort, order, beauty and function. All your furniture pieces and accessories work well together and it all makes sense.

The house is your style and reflects how you want to live.


Life is too short to live in a home that is not beautiful!





Photo: Master Bedroom by Nest Obsessed Interior Design / Photography by Eastman Creative





The truth is, all my clients have good taste. They just need a little help pulling all the details together and want to do it without spending crazy amount of money. I am sure you have some cool pieces and ideas. You know what colors you like. However, now you are stuck! It just isn’t working. You need some fresh ideas and feedback! Wouldn’t it be great to work with someone creative that can take your home to the next level? Someone with design experience that you can bounce ideas off of, so that it turns out how you envision it in your head?


If the answer to the above is “Yes!”, then I am here to help!  

I will be your creative guide through this process and make your beautiful home dreams come true!



How it works:

We set up a time for a one hour in home consultation.

Before the meeting I will need you to send me a few photos of the room (all 4 walls, please) . If you have any images from magazines or online you want to show me, I would love to see those too. This will help me to pull together some ideas to share with you at our meeting.

During the consultation, we will look at the space together, talk about what you want to change and what you wish it could look like.

We will come up with a priority list.

I will take more photos and if needed, some measurements, so we can potentially do a floor plan and figure out what sized furniture works best.

We will also chat about possible paint colors, furniture layouts, accessories, art, etc.



After our meeting:

I will send a follow up email going over details that we discussed and a Mood Board.

The Mood Board will give you a color concept and over all look for the room with style ideas for furniture, etc.!


The Goal:

This package is designed to give you the confidence to move forward with re-decorating your room.

You will feel good because you will have a plan and know your colors and style. You will know what your decorating priorities are.



Want more help?

Disclaimer: This package is meant to give you a jump start on your decorating journey. It is possible that you might

end up needing more hand holding after the initial meeting to finish the room. Of course, I am happy to help!

If you decide you want to move forward and work with me to finish the room, my fee ranges between $50.00 and $100.00 an hour depending on the details.

(Travel time is $25.00 an hour.) I will help you figure out exact colors, paint colors, patterns, furniture and the look of the room.

                               I will send you product links and inspirational photos.

We will brainstorm for creative ideas.  I can shop for you or shop with you. We can shop online or locally.


  • Floor Plan for Furniture – I will create an ideal layout for your room and tell you what size furniture fits.
  • Color Palette – I will choose colors for your room and recommend an awesome paint color(s)
  • Furniture – I will send you links to furniture (within your budget) that fits in the space and helps you create the look you want for the room.
  • Rug – I will send you links to a couple of rug options
  • Window Treatments – Links for ready -made window treatments (does not include measuring or installation details)
  • Lamps, Artwork, Accessories – Links to great pieces that will make your room feel pulled together.
  • Mood Board – I will create a custom mood board for you. This will show the look of your new room and how everything works together.
  • Communication – Includes email communication about above services within 30 days of initial consultation
  • Includes one revision option for each selection


Photo: Family Room by Nest Obsessed Interior Design


Consultations for Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations 


Here are links to a few of my past projects: Kitchens and Bathrooms


  • Mood Board – I will create a custom mood board for you. This will show the look of your new room and how everything works together.
  • Floor Plan of new layout that can be used to estimate for cost of materials
  • Site Meeting with Contractor
  • Review of Cabinet Drawings
  • Vendor and Material Recommendations
  • Tile Selections (back splash, shower walls and floor, etc.)
  • Flooring Selection
  • Counter Top Selection
  • Paint Color
  • Light Fixtures
  • Hardware
  • Communication – Includes email communication about above services within 60 days of initial consultation.



Note: If reading the above list started to make you anxious, then relax…I am here to help calm the tension of “decorating option paralysis”!


I offer you the benefit of my experience and my innate design sense – all while keeping focus on

what you want, not what I want.

Are you ready to get started on your making your house beautiful?


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