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“Claudia has been a god-send!  This is our first time building a custom home and it’s been quite a process, and mildly terrifying for me.  I am a visual person and I know what I like when I see it, but cannot envision what something will look like.  Claudia has been instrumental in helping us ensure our plans were not only workable, i.e., our furniture would fit, but she has helped us identify several areas where the plans did not match our inspirational photos.  She has spent copious hours helping to ensure that all our windows were the right height and size, both from an internal viewpoint and an external aesthetic viewpoint.  In addition to all that, she has made numerous suggestions that were both practical, and in the end has saved us money.  Value to what we planned is definitely a rubric that Claudia passes our plans through, which is essential when you are in “dream” house mode.  I would not recommend undertaking the designing and building of a custom home without her expertise and attention to detail .  She invests her whole self in the process and is committed to making sure you get a functional, as well as a beautiful home.  My only regret is that we did not enlist her services earlier on in the design process.  Her services are not an add-on; in my opinion, they are essential.”

~Sarah Powers



“When we first decided to build a house, we were extremely excited.  We had wanted to build our own custom home for quite some time and to finally be doing it, was absolutely thrilling.  Unfortunately, that excitement quickly faded and we became overwhelmed early on in the process.  Thankfully, we met Claudia Hardy.  Her warm and caring personality provided the tranquility we needed in order to focus on getting the build done.  She stepped right in and immediately provided the direction we needed so badly.  We were absolutely lost in the beginning.  Claudia’s knowledge of design and the building process is incredible.  We had never built anything in the past and didn’t know what to expect.  Claudia provided guidance and direction on every phase of the build, which was very comforting.  We took what we thought were solid plans and provided them to Claudia for review before the build began.  She quickly pointed out things about the layout that I would have never caught.  She has an eye for detail like no other.  Claudia made several very intelligent design changes and increased the functionality of the house immensely.  That alone was worth her price, but then she took it to a whole other level with her design.  What we liked about it the most was that Claudia made the entire process easy.  When we first went down this road, we thought choosing finishes, cabinets, fixtures, colors…etc. would be very easy and fun.  It’s not . It sounds easy, but it is anything but.  It is time consuming, overwhelming and often very frustrating.  There are so many options for just about everything these days that it makes it difficult and sometimes impossible to visualize how everything will look in reality.  This is where Claudia’s expertise is invaluable.  She has the unique ability to visualize everything and how it will work together in a way that I can’t even begin to describe.  And the best part about it is that she makes it easy!  Claudia sat down with us to determine our tastes and style.  She then took that knowledge and pulled everything together in an easy to digest format.  Claudia took the time to meet with us on at least a dozen occasions at the job site and at various vendors to discuss the build and how the choice of materials and colors would ultimately look in the house.  Claudia saved us a ton of time by pulling everything together in an easy to assimilate format.  Claudia is also very responsive and gives you her undivided attention.  Quite honestly, we felt like we were her only clients throughout the process, even though we knew we weren’t.  If I had a question or concern, she answered immediately.  Her work ethic is admirable and amazing.  At first we thought having a designer would be neat.  After the fact, we know that Claudia was absolutely essential.  We could not have done this without her.  Had we been left to our own devices, our house would have been a total disaster and a huge disappointment.  Claudia took what would have been a nightmare and transformed it into a stunning masterpiece!  Thank you Claudia!  You are the best investment that we’ve ever made!”

~Robert L. Ingram, Jr.



“I didn’t realize how important an interior designer would be in helping us though the building process until it actually began and there were hundreds of interlocking decisions that needed to be made.  Claudia has been absolutely invaluable in helping us make these decisions.  Everything from whole room design to lighting/plumbing selections to coordinating flooring, cabinetry, and counter tops.  Not only does she have an incredible eye for design but she has been an excellent resource for helping us find unique pieces on a tight budget. She has been essential in helping us build beyond our dreams and is yet but another reason why we love Blue Ridge Custom Homes.”

~J. Knight



“Whether it is choosing a new paint color or the complete overhaul of a space, Claudia’s style sense puts me at ease – which is hugely important for someone who finds decision making painful and difficult. Claudia familiarizes herself with my tastes to make recommendations suited to my style and personality. She goes the extra mile in studying space saving and ADA compliant solutions for design. I trust that she always has my best interest in mind and she helps me create a spaces that add value to my home and my life.  Thank you, Claudia!”

~R. Rowe



“I knew I wanted help picking out everything for the house but I never imagined I would get so many great ideas on room layouts as well.  She redrew the master bathroom, kitchen and parts of the family room (from what was on internet plan), checked the window placements / sizes, wall placements and many things I’m probably forgetting.  She has been a great help in pointing me towards stylish tile, flooring, cabinets and counters with an eye on budget. Claudia has been such a help through this process.”
~T. Crocker


“It was very pleasant to work with Claudia, she listened to my likes and requirements and was able to guide me to good design decisions.”

~D. Sullivan




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